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The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Max Dax on FluxFM

The Radio Sessions - Electronic Beats On Air with Max Dax on FluxFM You know the deal by now: once a week we invite DJs, producers, and other nightlife tastemakers to the FluxFM radio studio for The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air. This week sees an exception to this rule, since Electronic Beats editor-in-chief Max Dax will be guesting the show.

With the new issue of our print magazine and Slices DVD 2-12 coming up soon there are many stories and anecdotes of three months of production to share. In the first hour of the show, Max Dax will not only be sharing the magazine’s contents, but also explaining the idea of ‘Conversations on essential issues‘ the print magazine is carrying out. Following up on the interview will be a DJ set by Max, with him playing his favorite electronic, kraut and pop music tunes.

You can listen to the whole radio show with Max Dax on Thursday, 7th June via FluxFM, starting at 10pm (GMT+1) – tune into FluxFM via terrestial radio (frequencies in Berlin and other big cities in Germany) or via live stream (worldwide).

A rerun of the show’s first hour will be available on demand on FluxFM’s website from Friday, 8th June, with the DJ mix following a couple of days later on The Radio Sessions is a weekly show so make sure to tune in next week!


Photo: Luci Lux

Published June 04, 2012.