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The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Étienne de Crécy on FluxFM

Étienne de Crécy is well known for his crowd-pleasing live shows, a spectacle of light and sound that takes place inside a massive cube, which stands nearly twenty feet tall.

If you don’t have a chance to see him live, however, this latest EB Radio mix might just be the next best thing. For two hours, the French producer tells host Mathias Weck about his latest musical adventures and plays some fantastic tunes for us as well: “In this mix is the music I would DJ in a regular set in France.” he told us. “ I can’t play the same kind of music everywhere in the world because the audiences are different. In France, the people need some strong stuff. The beginning of the set is quite funky, actually. I try to bring people in with sweetness, and then afterward I beat them.” Sounds like something you want to be there for, doesn’t it?

You can listen to the whole radio show with Étienne de Crécy on Thursday, April 12th via FluxFM, starting at 10pm (GMT+1) – tune into FluxFM via terrestial radio (frequencies in Berlin and other big cities in Germany) or via live stream (worldwide).

A rerun of the show’s first hour will be available on demand on FluxFM’s website from Friday, April 13th, with the DJ mix following a couple of days later on The Radio Sessions is a weekly show so make sure to tune in next week. And be sure to check out our previous Radio Sessions!

Published April 11, 2012.