Telekom Electronic Beats

The Road to Podgorica

Friday is fast approaching, and with it comes Electronic Beats’ return to the beautiful city of Podgorica, with three very special artists in tow: Moderat, Kate Boy, and Jessie Ware. Last year, we featured some Podgorican artists and other locals in a guide to the city, and this time around we’ve put together a little impression of Montenegro’s capital to whet the appetite for the weekend, with photos from Luci Lux.

Lush bodies of water dominate Podgorica. The city is located on the Adriatic Sea, just 15 kilometers north of Lake Skadar, and the Morača and Ribnica rivers cut through its heart. The summer is usually pretty dry, but breezes from the rivers cool the city a little, and those who can escape to the coast will be rewarded with views like this.


Podgorica is a playground of abandoned nooks and crannies for the more intrepid travelers. If you let your feet wander, you might just stumble upon an untouched corner of the city, like this abandoned railroad area.


Take some time to sample some local goodies at one of Podgorica’s many market stalls and get a taste of the Montenegrin way of life. These offerings from Virpazar are about as fresh as it gets. 


Before the evening’s revelries, indulge in some austere sightseeing at The Saint George Benedictine monastery, which is located on the small natural island of Sveti Dorde in the Bay of Kotor. As you can see, it’s quite stunning.


Seeing as Montenegro’s baking summers are coming to a close and the rainy season is fast approaching, it’s lucky that the Stadio Malih Sportova is equipped to shelter its audience come rain or shine. For those hoping to swing by on Friday, the show will be nothing short of spectacular, whatever the weather.


For another insight on what the Electronic Beats festival is like, check out Mount Kimbie’s dazzling performance from last year’s visit to Podgorica in the video below. And don’t forget to grab one of the few remaining tickets to the show in the Ntry form above, or right over here. See you at Stadio Malih Sportova when doors open at 19:00.

Published September 08, 2014. Words by EB Team.