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The Summer 2014 edition of Electronic Beats Magazine is out now!

In this issue, risk-taking—be it in the form of harmonic and rhythmic deconstructions of pop music or fighting for gay rights in less than hospitable surroundings—was a central topic of conversation amongst those artists, musicians and curators whose work is more than just a way to make a living. But what is artistic risk? Is it being unafraid to embrace improvisation and play wrong notes? Is it channeling a unique musical voice that teeters between brilliant and embarrassing? Is it simply making a commitment to being a musician amidst the industry’s economic downturn?

For saxophone legend Wayne Shorter, risk is an integral part of the definition of jazz itself. As he tells editor-in-chief Max Dax in a rare extended conversation, “Jazz means: I dare you.” While Shorter isn’t known conventionally as a major influence on electronic music, his involvement in Miles Davis’s second great quintet and fusion pioneers Weather Report helped usher in jazz’s electric turn—itself of central importance for eventual electronic developments in krautrock, funk, disco and beyond. Naturally, this also extends to sample-based music, a point made clear in this issue by none other than RZA, who, while beating the pants off of said editor-in-chief in a game of chess, explained how the Wu-Tang Clan’s size and ego battles are calculated into his risk assessment for recording new material.

Also included in this issue:

– In her first straight Q&A, former Hype Williams member Inga Copeland talks about her standout debut LP, Because I’m Worth It.

– Fatima Al Qadiri and Kenneth Goldsmith discuss the risks and intellectual rewards of copyright infringement.

– Warsaw’s cultural protagonists discuss the city’s changing attitude towards memorializing the past in our quarterly city report.

– Martyn talks about the significance of Joey Anderson’s history as a dancer on his debut LP After Forever.

– Legendary DJ and producer François K gets philosophical about his long running club night Deep Space in our new quarterly club report, edited by Lisa Blanning.

– From Patrick Cowley to John Barry’s Thunderball Bond OST: Heatsick discusses what he listened to on his recent world tour.

Hudson Mohawke describes what it’s like working with his style icon, the man behind the man in the mirror, Quincy Jones.

– Former hobby-squatter turned EB cover story MØ gets candid about pop-trap, working with Diplo and changing musical identity.

– German artist Rosemarie Trockel compares Kreidler’s new album ABC to “the most beautiful physics.”

MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser recounts meeting Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek, aka Ramona Lisa, through Craigslist and the emotional power of her LP Arcadia.

Plus much, much more. So go get your read on—we dare you.

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Published June 04, 2014.