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The VIENNALE 2011 is about to start

The VIENNALE 2011 is about to start There are many great film festivals in Austria, there is the gory Slash film fest, the artsy Diagonale in Graz and small Crossing Europe in Linz, but in the end it’s the Viennale they all look up to. For years the filmfestival has been the only reason to look forward to Autumn..Festival director Hans Hurch, who is a bit weird but a very passionate film lover, makes sure that every year there are more good films than anyone can ever watch in two weeks.

Another thing that keeps you from getting rectangular eyes is the fact, that most of the films are already sold out on the first day, even the first hour. On Saturday, when the festival tickets get on sale, people queue hours before the box offices open.

Here are three good reasons for you to get out of bed and into the line:

The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jay
It’s a documentary – of course it is, because the Viennale is quite famous for its exquisite selection of docs. If you know about Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, you will also know why it’s a good idea to watch thuis film and if you don’t – go there and learn. Plus: Genesis P-Orridge will be present during the screening.
27.10., 23:30, Gartenbaukino
28.10., 18:30, Urania

Work in Progress: Ulrich Seidls Paradies
For the last five years Austrian genius Ulrich Seidl has been working on one movie. Word is that he has 80 hours of film and will turn it into a trilogy. This rumour is reason enough to make every cinema lover bite his fingernails nervously, because at this year’s Viennale they get the chance to see first scenes from the film.
26.10., 20:30, Stadtkino

Bummer Summer
Mublecore is the name of a very young genre and it means independent films shot by young filmmakers such as the Duplass brothers (Cyrus), Lynn Shelton and of course Zach Weintraub. His new film Bummer Summer is about a group of young people who don’t know what to do. A promising start for a great movie.
28.10., 21:00, Urania
29.10., 23:00, Stadtkino

Of course there is a great number of other highlights, for example Harry Belafonte. Check out the full program here.

Published October 14, 2011.