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The Week in EB: March 9th, 2013

The Week in EB feature is a platter of the finest cuts of EB content, served up in one place, once a week. The idea is that it offers you an opportunity to catch up with what we’ve been getting excited about over the last seven days. Of course, it’s become a truism to remark that we live in an era of information saturation; where every day our attention spans are torn asunder by channels competing for our eyes and ears and keystrokes and mouseclicks. Nevermind all that, though, sometimes quality is where it’s at. Here’s the cream of the crop.

Thomas Fehlmann recalls his Depeche Moment

In the first episode of our new series assessing the impact of Depeche Mode, we speak with the electronic musician whose storied career encompasses the Neue Deutsche Welle innovations of Palais Schaumberg and the ambient house of The Orb.


On Tour With DJ Rashad

In advance of his new EP for Hyperdub, we asked Chicago’s premier footwork producer, DJ, and former dancer about some of his favorite discoveries found during his travels.


The Emperor’s Vintage Clothes: how Goth and EBM recycled themselves

Like a rather bedraggled and dusty phoenix, goth has rebirthed itself in a way that echoes its 30+ year history as well as explores new ground.


Om’Mas Keith recommends Brandt Brauer Frick

The member of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, engineer for Jay-Z & Kanye, and producer for Frank Ocean takes a break from his myriad activities to join BBF for a spell. A special sneak preview from our upcoming print magazine, out March 21st.


Counting with Amanda Brown

We take a deep breath and count to ten with the operator behind 100% Silk and LA Vampires, co-owner of Not Not Fun Records and former member of Pocahaunted.


Published March 08, 2013.