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The Week in Photos: 2/17/13

Each day on Electronic Beats, we feature a different photo in our header—be it from an artist, musician or just a snapshot of something we think is cool. Collected below are three of our favorites from the last week or so. Take a peek through; we hope it leads you to discover something new and interesting…or maybe just a new cover photo for your Facebook. And for a look at some of the meatier content you might have missed from last week, be sure to check out our weekly roundup!


1.Karen Constance is perhaps best known as one-half of British noise duo Blood Stereo, a project she shares with her husband Dylan Nyoukis. Together, the Brighton-based pair are lynchpins of the British experimental music scene, not least because of their festival Colour Out Of Space. But Constance’s work as a visual artist has proved just as consistently fascinating as a creative strand. This painting (untitled, acrylic on canvas board)—a fine example of striking and rather beautiful surrealism. Check her website for more images of her paintings and collages.

2. On the fringes of the Berlinale, namely at the art space Loophole in Berlin’s emerging Neukölln district, an alternative movie festival is happening right now! Big movies with mostly small budgets are shown every night for free in a laid back space. If you are tired of the streamlined Berlinale program and are searching for something a bit more underground and exciting, the Boddinale is your best bet.

3. This striking image is by American photographer and filmmaker Robert Carrithers. You may remember him—he’s one of the seven voices that make up the series of monologues for our 24 hours in Prague feature. This Friday in Berlin sees the opening of The Groovy Dada Lounge Revisited, an exhibition featuring Carrithers’ work documenting the underground art and music scene of ’80s New York—a scene he was actively a part of. Few periods in New York’s history are quite as storied as this one Picture of the Day stars, above). The exhibition is part of the Ninth Berlin International Directors Lounge and takes place at Naherholung Sternchen in Berlin-Mitte.Prague-based DJ Ida Taušlová will be playing a set while there’s also a screening of Richard Lowenstein’s Autoluminescentan excellent documentary about Rowland S. Howard—a figure hardly estranged from New York’s grubbier undercarriage–and a film which had such a limited cinema distribution that actually watching it has hitherto meant laying out a wad of cash for an imported Australian DVD copy.

Published February 16, 2013. Words by Daniel Jones.