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Why The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page Is One Of The Best Things On Facebook

For better or worse, memes have become a big part of culture. That can be especially felt in the dance music scene via Instagram profiles like Fake Yeezy Boosts and Facebook pages like Berlin Club Memes that act as savagely honest mirrors to the realities of clubbing and electronic dance music in 2018.

Both of those profiles are examples of high-quality content, but for every good meme, there’s usually 1000 or more terrible ones. Generally unfunny and uninspiring, but often earnest, these memes can also be entertaining in their own right. Today we decided to put the spotlight on a very funny Facebook page that’s dedicated to exploring the absolute worst techno memes ever made.

Sometimes you have to laugh at what you love. As much time as we spend listening to club music, and as profound an influence as it may have had on any of our lives thus far, techno fandom can get so intense it becomes laughably absurd. Need some concrete evidence? Just Google any dance music genre tag. Go ahead: pick one, click “images”, and scroll down a bit. Before you scoff at your computer screen, muttering, “my culture’s not absurd,” get one thing straight: nobody’s trying to hurt any feelings. Let’s be honest, though: this content gets really silly really fast.

In an increasingly self-serious techno world, who’s going to take us down a few notches? Who’s going to bring attention to our hubris? Who’s going to tell us when our DJ memes suck? Enter Facebook’s The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page, a public group filled with some of the most cringe-worthy techno memes you’ve ever seen.

The Worst Techno Memes Article Ever

The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page is a humble community of techno fans—plus a few DJs—who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves and club culture at large. Committed to scouring the internet for the absolute most cringe-worthy techno-related content, the page is a quickly-growing group of electronic music fans trying to take themselves just a little bit less seriously.

Allen, one of the moderators of The Worst Techno Memes Ever, gave us a bit of history on the page:

“About 3 years ago, around this time, I started to notice people posting memes saying ‘Techno changed my life’ or ‘Eat, sleep, shit, Techno,’ but they were being serious. I couldn’t help but find them amusing.” I think the main post that got me laughing years back was ‘No Techno No Life’.

For about 7 months, every time we saw one being posted, we started firing them over to each other on messenger. Then we started to realize we had quite a collection, so between us, we decided to start a private, invite-only group where we could post them to have a giggle with select friends, DJs, producers and ravers.”

The Worst Techno Memes Article Ever

As the group has grown, however, Allen and his partner in memedome, Leigh, have had to field their fair share of negative commentary, including accusations of DJ cyber-bullying. Leigh comments:

“I remember adding friends that didn’t get it and thought it was mocking and disrespectful to our genre. I’d certainly agree with mocking but not so much disrespecting. I just think techno and the artists have become way too serious over recent years, and our page gives the opportunity to poke fun and have a sense of humor within the scene. It’s as simple as that.

Allen: “Out and about on my DJ travels, people actually comment that they love the page, that it brings a smile into their day. Like Leigh said, it brings a smile into a very serious scene. It’s not there to poke fun at DJs.”

The Worst Techno Memes Article Ever

Regardless of their intentions, The Worst Techno Memes Ever has grown far outside of Leigh and Allen’s initial expectations, adding hundreds of new members a week—a number that its creators admit takes the page well out of their control. But this isn’t necessarily a negative thing; the page now thrives on its own, and Leigh and Allen are confident its original focus is still intact:

Allen: “The group has kind of mutated and grown, with different people joining and bringing their own style of humor into the group. As long as it’s all in good humor, I can’t see a problem. But it’s definitely changed since we started it, that’s for sure.

Leigh: “As far as the future of the page, who knows. But it’s definitely a resource for some pretty shit techno memes.”

Eat. Sleep. Techno. Repeat.

Live. Love. Techno.

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Published October 04, 2018.