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This Is What Feminism Sounds Like: Riot Grrrl Berlin releases free comp

This Is What Feminism Sounds Like: Riot Grrrl Berlin releases free comp We thought their last compilation was OD, but Riot Grrrl Berlin have really outdone themselves with their latest free release. The German feminist collective recently compiled over three hours of music featuring 71 bands, all for free. The diversity here is fantastic, skirting across folk to hip-hop to punk to electro. “It is very
important to us to make clear, that Riot Grrrl Berlin is not (just) about ’90s punk bands,
but bonding up to make the grrrl/lady/trans*movement stronger and especially MAKE US ALL VISIBLE!” says the collective. “By giving out a package with many different bands, people
will see how MANY of us actually are out there (hey, we are surprised ourselves), bands that are not widely presented and music lovers might never heard of them before.” Check out the participating artists below (in alphabetical order), and then download the fantastic compilation here.

Abstract Random-Playdead
Adjkfs-The Ride to Earth
Adrift Da Belle-More
All or Nothing H.C.-Racist, Classist, Anti-Gay Bullshit
Anti-Corpos-Brincando De Lgualdade
Badkat-Sticks and Stones
Bam! Bam!-Golden Haze Two
Bertha Lutz-Feminism? Yes, please
Bonnie MacAllister-Fighting the Creep
Cat Venom-Old Meat
Crash Paris-Take You Down
Dance On Your Grave-Paper Guns
Dead by Pregnancy-Got Killed
Dear Darling, Hello-One Less Promise
Decibelles-The End Of A Reign
Dirty-Call 034
Eat The Daisies-Saturday Nite
Echo Beach-Rock n Roll Fantasy (Pink Mountaintops cover)
Esper Scout-Shed Some Light
Finn Moustache-Wer Sich Umdrehte
Fourth Wave-Boner!
Hearts Under Fire-We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past
Hello Killu-Wat Zoek Je
Hilary Allen-How Are You All Doing This Evening
Hooker-I Almost Miss You
Husbands ‘N’ Knives-Babalon
Isy Rebel & Boy MJ-Black Poison
Jeliza Rose-Flip Flop
Jolly Goods-If I Were A Woman
Kitty Kawaii-Summertime
La Chatte, Amizade!-Fasterharder
Las Gusanas-Let You Go!
Lena Stoehrfaktor-Kategorie Ich
Lilidollrage-Horror Song
Lost Luna-Pink Bloc
Mary Ocher-The Sound Of War
Maybecyborgs-Are You Tired? Me Too
Mrs. Howl-Yellow Lamp
Muddy River-Bad Words
Nicky Click-Pop Diva
Norah Noizzze and Band-Winterdepression
Notic Nastic-Illuminati Bitch
P Naga-My Angel
Pollyanna-Boy (Book Of Love)
Pom Pom-Your Little Flower
Pure Magical Love-Shapeshifter
Pussy Riot-Putin Has Pissed Himself
Räuberhöhle-My Heart Bleeps Noisy Beeps (Kirmes Remix)
Samantha Schindler-Tight Ass (Theres no such Thing as Chivalry)
Scragfight-Holloway Holiday
Sellofan-I want it now
She Said Destroy-Polaroid Me
Shirley Holmes-Ride On Me
Siete Armas-The Silence
Slutty Hearts-Helicopter
Spat-Robot (Demo)
Stereowoolf-When I was a Baby Feminist
Ten Tigers-Superlucky
Terminal Parade-The Castle of Disco Hell
The Dethkats-Bunny Bunny
The Happening-Gunshow
The Horny Bitches-Necro Maniac
The Potential Lunatics-Kool Boyz
The Ragnoutaz-Boycheerleader
The Shondes-Give Me What You’ve Got
The White Noise Supremacists-Big Strong White Man
Tic-Tac-Oh-Look Inside
Violent Vickie-Come & Run

Published March 14, 2012.