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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Interview

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Interview We sure do love Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and we were very excited to see him play in Zagreb a couple of weeks ago. Propulsive beats covered in sticky audio jam, the music of Orlando Higginbottom is almost impossible to resist. He also was kind enough to give us five minutes of his time, just before he hit the stage in Zagreb to answer our questions.

What were you doing before becoming a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur?
I was DJ’ing and making music, but quite different music. I was making Drum’n’Bass and Hip Hop and I got bored of that and wanted to do something, that wasn’t being a DJ. I wanted to do something rediculous, so I decided to become a Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur.

Is TEED a festival or a club person?
At the end of summer I’ve had enough of festivals, but I’m looking forward to next year. It’s like I couldn’t do them all year, but I like both.

What is worse – not getting payed for the gig or having a lousy soundsystem?
They’re both pretty bad, but bad soundsystem is just terrible. You just don’t wanna be there at all.

What’s the story behind new track Dream On?
It was something I wrote just at the end of the main period, when I was writing my album, it was one of the last tracks I wrote and I just wanted to put out a track without any release schedule, without any press, nothing. I didn’t tell anyone about it, just put it out for free. It was just nice, it was refreshing and easy, and I enjoyed doing that. In fact I’ll sing that song tonight.

And what should we expect from a TEED show?
All my singles, that I’ve released, and lots of new stuff from my album. The whole variety of the music, that I’ve made.

Published December 06, 2011.