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METAMORPHOSIS by TRASHYMUSE × Telekom Electronic Beats

Our first NFT by TRASHYMUSE just dropped

A nextgen community of cyber-crusaders devoted to digital freedom, TRASHYMUSE have, through their distinctive aesthetic channeling post-humanist glam, cemented themselves as a brand and online niche at the forefront of digital art, discourse, and innovation. In the 9 years since its inception, the multimedia brand and hybrid publisher have left their imprint on a wide variety of projects, ranging from animation, gaming and entertainment to Augmented Reality beauty editorials and digital fashion editorials and campaigns from ASICS Sportstyle to Louis Vuitton.

Now, the forward-thinking tech community of creators are taking on the Metaverse — interfacing with the hyper-current challenge of plunging into NFT art. Released today, in a one-off edition created with Telekom Electronic Beats, the audiovisual NFT “masterpiece” presents a transformational, avatar-driven narrative set against the backdrop of the Metaverse.

METAMORPHOSIS by TRASHYMUSE × Telekom Electronic Beats METAMORPHOSIS by TRASHYMUSE × Telekom Electronic Beats

We want to share ownership with the community we have been part of for 20 years.

The NFT showcases the symbiosis of two boundary-pushing communities by fusing the trademark Telekom Electronic Beats world-building, reflections on brutalist club architecture, and the whimsical, glossy and hi-tech energy of the TRASHYMUSE metaverse itself.

METAMORPHOSIS by TRASHYMUSE × Telekom Electronic Beats
METAMORPHOSIS takes in their creation

Its narrative reaches far beyond the boundaries of the all too limited spectrum of previous NFT creation: TRASHYMUSE’s penchant for character design meets Telekom Electronic Beats’ persistent world building.

METAMORPHOSIS takes the viewer on a journey that straddles the real and the surreal alongside the avatar, whose online presence has already been noticed and gained her over 9000 followers in one day. Using the here and now as its canvas, the digital motion artwork celebrates the power of shared expression to push the boundaries, initiate and empower the next generation culture that unfolds via its story. In this new era, the runway is wherever we are. Stay tuned for more.

The TRASHYMUSE × Telekom Electronic Beats NFT masterpiece launches today at 2PM CET via Foundation.

Published December 19, 2021. Words by EB Team, photos by TRASHYMUSE.