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Tri Angle signs Evian Christ, offers free mixtape

Tri Angle signs Evian Christ, offers free mixtape If you’ve been following the mysterious hip-hop refixes of Youtube user Evian Christ, then the news of his addition to the Tri Angle roster is probably making you punch the air so hard that your feet are listing off the ground. The UK producer, recently revealed to be 22-year old Joshua Leary, drizzles syrupy electronics and blurry, crystalized blips and drones over chopped hip-hop flows and juke-influenced instrumentals. It’s a sound that fits nicely into the ever-growing label’s lineup. EC’s tracks have formerly been confined to the lo-quality format of the video upload, but now they’ve been remastered and compiled into a mixtape. If Clams Casino and Holy Other do it for you, Kings & Them is going to make you very happy indeed. Stream and download it below.


Published February 02, 2012.