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Untitled Mixtape Article

Untitled Mixtape Article Apologies to EB Radio listeners; the service has been down for a couple days now. We know, trust us: we’re working on it! In the meantime, we’d like to offer you some alternatives in the form of mixes, hand-picked by EB Editors Moritz Schmall and Daniel Jones. Enjoy, and we’ll have some brand new EB Radio sounds for you ASAP!

The first is a recent Boiler Room mix by Emptyset. I’m not normally a big techno fan but gotta say I love this. Dark and heavy, which is usually how I like it. Sick tracks from the likes of Front 242, Andy Stott and Ancient Methods, who played my monthly collab Berlin party PURGE a while back. Nice guys.

At the risk of being cheesy (as if that would ever really bug me. never stop hu$tlin’) , the second selection I’m recommending is by my DJ alias BlackBlackGold. DEATH BY STEREO is a mix I did a few years back of glitched-broke-n-gabbafied pop and dance from the ’90s, with a few more modern selections thrown in the grinder. Like most things, it begins and ends with Aaliyah. The mix is only sixteen minutes long, but I’ve heard people say it feels like it takes much longer to end.

My beloved Peaking Lights have just released kind of a boogie funk mixtape as an appetizer for their second full length LP Lucifer, which I’ve been looking forward to basically forever. Too bad it’s not out until June 8 via Mexican Summer/Domino Records. Anyway, the mix features snippets of material from the LP plus various influential tracks, so if you have a soft spot for ’70s and ’80s boogie tunes, you’ll love this.

When it comes down to Bobby Champs, I instantly realize that all I love is techno. A few weeks ago he launched his sonic router mix which followed his killer Moonlight EP. The router mixtape was an absolutely nuts mix of techno, acid, bass, house, all the good stuff that’s floating around the UK scene right now. Today I share his April Mix with you and again you feel that sweet acid vibe, though there’s also room for slow techno and classy New York house stuff. You’ll enjoy this.

Published April 13, 2012.