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Videodrome 131 – This week’s best videos

Each week Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos so you don’t have to.


Sitting here in the Rio de Janeiro heat, let me get this intro straight: this week I totally fell in love with Holly Herndon’s new post-digital video and I found the hard techno sounds from Perc to be the perfect accompaniment for a walk through the shanty towns here. More highlights include a CGI Damon Albarn video, Marissa Nadler and the return of EMA to the world of video. Explore below.


#1 Holly Herndon – “Chorus”, directed by Akihiko Taniguchi

Yup, I’m blown. This reminds me of Oneohtrix Point Never’s album from last year, R Plus 7, but thank God Holly goes for a heavier dance beat. I do like this future.


#2 Perc – “Take Your Body Off”, directed by Dan Tombs

This goes very hard. Taken from his forthcoming album The Power And The Glory, if you can’t handle this you should probably go the the Rolling Stone website.


#3 EMA – “Satellites”, directed by EMA & Leif Shackelford

California artist Erika M. Anderson‘s new album The Future’s Void will be out later this year and we’re all looking forward to it. I mean, her last tunes were dropped back in 2011 so the time is definitely ripe.


#4 Damon Albarn – “Everyday Robots”, directed by Aitor Throup

As we all know, Lord Albarn has announced his first solo album, Everyday Robots, due April 29th. This little video for the title track is a total CGI affair but the track is kinda meh. Oasis where are you?


#5 Disclosure – “Grab Her”, directed by Emile Sornin

How many videos are these guys going to do for last year’s Settle album? Anyway, if you’re in the right mood this silly, simple little video for the new single “Grab Her” can be entertaining.


#6 Austra – “Hurt Me Now”, directed by M. Blash

Same here. Austra is also a big player when it comes to the power of music videos. Here’s her third video from Olympia, which shows Austra playing in some sort of dance studio from hell.


#7 Marissa Nadler – “Dead City Emily”, directed by Derrick Belcham & Emily Terndrup

Back in November we heard the first single off Marissa Nadler’s upcoming LP July. That single is “Dead City Emily” and the new visual for it is equally sun-less.


#8 Sano – “Contonéate”, directed by Kingababy & Julia Kasprzak

A mi me gusta el nuevo techno columbine. Looks like I’m on the right continent. No more baile, more bass. South America is on the rise!


#9 iamamiwhoami – “Fountain”, directed by WAVE

As always the shots are amazing and the cinematography is refreshing overall, but the music is lacking. Also, be prepared for Bjork-style dance moves and sound. ~


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Published January 23, 2014. Words by moritz.schmall.