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Video Flashback: Woodkid

Yoann Lemoine is a polymath. You’d think establishing a career as a top tier video director with Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Drake and Taylor Swift as clients would be enough to satisfy the highest of achievers. Not our boy Lemoine though, who, under the guise of Woodkid, finds time to make orchestral chamber pop—and, more importantly, does it well (his 2012 album The Golden Age was critically well-received and made a sizeable dent in charts across Europe). Call us early adopters, but we knew we were onto something good when we booked him to play EB Festival Prague and Bratislava in early 2012 and again in Zagreb in Autumn. We’ve included all three in this Video Flashback for your viewing pleasure—because who knows when it’ll happen again…


Published August 13, 2013.