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Videodrome 104 – This week’s best videos

Please accept this as your weekly invitation to explore the newest and coolest music videos. Today they come fresh from the likes of Dean Blunt, Lace Curtain, Die Antwoord and Disclosure, plus many more.


#1 Dean Blunt – “Felony / Stalker 7”

Isn’t that hilarious?


#2 METZ – “Get Off”, directed by Chad VanGaalen

A nice animated video for METZ‘s punk rock tune entitled “Get Off”, directed by label mate Chad VanGaalen. “Get Off” is taken from their self-titled album released last autumn on Sub Pop.


#3 Lace Curtain – “Falling”, directed by Daniela Velickovic & David West

Australia, again. Here it’s Mexican Summer‘s latest signing from Down Under, Lace Curtain, who teases his Falling/Running 12-inch.


#4 Dense & Pika – “Move Your Body Back”

Sorry folks, not a music video but the production is kind of killer. Don’t miss it.


#5 Die Antwoord – “Cookie Thumper”, directed by Ninja

They don’t stop, do they? Ninja and ¥o-Landi Vi$$er have done it again and dropped a pretty intense video, which is once more NSFW because ¥o-Landi gets naked and a lot of weed is smoked.


#6 Roedelius Schneider – “Hohner Omen”, directed by Detlef Weinrich

Ambient’s not dead, and when it’s served with such classy imagery then it’s double the fun. Taken from the soon-to-be released album Tiden this video is directed by Krediler’s Detlef Weinrich.


#7 Stellar OM Source – “Polarity”, directed by Christelle Gualdi

Up for some underwater fun? Then try out Stellar OM Source‘s video for “Polarity”, taken from their RVNG Intl release Joy One Mile.


#8 Disclosure – “F For You”, directed by Ben Murray & Ross McDowell

Looks like they’re unstoppable at this point. The latest groovy dispatch from Disclosure‘s debut LP comes correct with another cool video.


#9 Josep Xortó – “I Remember”

Cool power pop with the usual VHS visuals for Josep Xortó’s “I Remember”. Produced with a little help from Mikko Gordon who worked as an engineer for Atoms For Peace.


#10 Matmos – “Aetheric Vehicle”

A psychedelic video for the dreamy soundscapes of Matmos‘ “Aetheric Vehicle”, taken from their recent Thrill Jockey LP The Marriage Of True Minds.

Published June 24, 2013. Words by moritz.schmall.