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Videodrome 119 – This week’s best videos

Each week, Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos so you don’t have to. 


This is not Top Of The Pops, the rebirth of TRL, or, for us Germans, Ronny’s Popshow. It’s your weekly Videodrome with an edition featuring a lot of pop videos inside. Mostly because of a lack of new electronic videos, this week’s props are going to Lulu James, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Angel Haze, and more.


#1 Lulu James – “Sweetest Thing”

Rising singer Lulu James has released the visuals for her latest single, “Sweetest Thing”. It’s a pretty basic concept, which turns Lulu into some neon, screensaver lights.


#2 Britney Spears – “Work Bitch”, directed by Ben Mor

My girl Britney Spears is coming back strong! Here are the visuals for her listenable “Work Bitch” track, where you can see Britney doing some actual dance moves.


#3 Rihanna – “Pour It Up”

So, Rihanna can twerk and get naked in her videos. Everybody loves this. So, what was the problem with Miley doing the same in her video? And on top of this: pole-dancing in bikinis may look a little trashy, Riri.


#4 AlunaGeorge – “Best Be Believing”

Anyone up for a party at the cuckoo’s nest? Wanna join the dance rehabilitation clinic? Then head into London Electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge‘s new music video above.


#5 Angel Haze – “Echelon (It’s My Way)”

It’s Angel Haze’s video for “Echelon”, the new single off her album Dirty Gold, where your can see Angel spending time partying with her neighbors surrounded by some motor-gang girls.


#6 Ryan Hemsworth – “Against A Wall” ft. Lofty305

Not sure about animals in music videos. Seriously. Above, Ryan decided for a girl and cat with some sort of happy/sad cat love. BTW: “When I lay down at night / the only thing that I can do / is wish that I had you closer.”


#7 Tei Shi – “M&Ms”, directed by Mac Boucher

Here comes Brooklyn singer Tei Shi‘s “M&M’s”, coming off the EP Saudade, out November 12th. The video was directed by Mac Boucher, aka Grimes’ brother.


#8 Shy Girls – “Still Not Falling”

Refreshingly simple R&B production here for Portland artist Dan Vidmar known as Shy Girls. These are the visuals for “Still Not Falling”, the first single from his forthcoming Timeshare EP.


#9 Cults – “High Road”

NYs Cults will be releasing their highly anticipated album, Static, on October 15the. The video channels vintage psychedelia with mesmerizing spirals and more.


#10 Gesaffelstein – “Hate or Glory”

The french directing duo Fleur & Manu did it again, this time for french EDM producer Gesaffelstein with a lot of violence and greed, plus a touch of surrealism.


#11 Pet Shop Boys – “Thursday” ft. Example

Finally the new PSB video: filmed on location in Shanghai(?), intercut with footage showing fans from their concerts and Neil singing from an animated billboard… ~


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Published October 09, 2013. Words by moritz.schmall.