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Videodrome 130 – This week’s best videos

Each week, Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos, so you don’t have to. 


130 weeks of new music videos and no end in sight. This week we’re gonna surprise with some bloody, cool guitar music, which is mostly banned from this column. Blame my West-Berlin acid-house socialization. On top of this, there are new bands to discover. Or are you already familiar with Pulse Emitter, Julien Dyne, or the wonderful Avalon Emerson? Also on the menu, fresh music from the northern Mali tuareg-group Tinariwen. Here we go:


#1 Art Department- “Sun Comes Up”, directed by Grandson and Son

New video from Kenny Glasgow and Jonny Wite aka Canadian duo Art Department, taken from their most recent EP on No. 19 Music. Directed by Grandson and Son (sic!), the video tells you night and day stories about your park next door.


#2 Tinariwen – “Imidiwan Ahi Sigdim“, directed by Thomas Kirk

Last year, Grammy Award winning Nothern-Mali musicians Tinariwen were forced to leave their home country, due to the civil war, and relocated to Joshua Tree National park in southern California to record their next album, Emmaar, which will be out next month.


#3 Locrian – “A Visitation From the Wrath of Heaven”, directed by J.P Bradburn

Locrian’s new album won’t be out before summer, but a pretty eerie, dark and long appetizer was already released by the three Chicago-based prog-rockers.


#4 Glasser “Shape”, directed by Jonathan Turner

Cameron Mesirow, aka Glasser, aka the nice side of electronic pop, steps into a wild animated CGI world in her new video for “Shape”. According to a press release, it’s a “fantasy world where the singer sets out to face her demons.”


#5 Salomon Faye – “Quest”, directed by Ryan Bock

The Harlem/Brooklyn/straight-up New York MC dropped an amazing stop motion video for his mellow “Quest” tune, which you should not miss this week.


#6 Pulse Emitter “Enceladus”, directed by Matt Brislawn

Pulse Emitter‘s new album Crater Lake is available now from Immune Recordings. To get an idea watch the video above, which nicely merges different live footage from recent performances—beautifully edited by Matt Brislawn.


#7 SKATERS – “Miss Teen Massachusetts”, directed by Danilo Parra

SKATERS and music video director Danilo Parra once again joined forces for their new “Miss Teen Massachusetts” video. Located in a mental health institution, the video is smart enough to deal with this strange, post-post-punk vibe.


#8 Avalon Emerson – “Quoi”, directed by Cabbibo

Crafted by San Francisco-based 3D-arists Cabbibo, this highly interactive music video (best viewed & and played with on Chrome) offers you the chance to experience, “Quoi”, in a way of its own. To enjoy the full video, you need to head here.


#9 POW! – “Hi-Tech Boom”, Hannah Lew

Up for a funny poker game? Then check out POW!’s video above, made by Hannah Lew, who is probably best-known for her work in Grass Widow, Generation Loss and, most recently, Cold Beat.


#10 Julien Dyne feat. Parks – “December”, direcetd by Simon Ward

Nice, abstract video from Auckland based music-all rounder Julien Dyne, for her “Decmeber” track, made by acclaimed director Simon Ward.


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Published January 15, 2014. Words by moritz.schmall.