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Videodrome 134 – This week’s best videos

Each week, Moritz Gayard rounds up the best new music videos so you don’t have to. 


Hello from the video front: this week Michel Gondry is joining the music video world after three years, for his new Metronomy video. Also, darling Chelsea Wolfe is providing new material. And then there are Hound Scales, Serengeti, The Notwist and many more to explore.


#1 Hound Scales – “Odile”

Out-of-this-world video for the opening track from Hound Scales‘ new EP Sabbath Lillie Hawks, with images from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadischem Ballett.


#2 Metronomy – “Love Letters”, directed by Michel Gondry

Look who’s back to the music video game. It’s the Academy Award winner Michel Gondry, with a colorful one-shot performance video for the boys from the British Riviera.


#3 Serengeti – “I Could Redo”, directed by James Ward

Some alt-hop from Chicago-based artist Seengeti and a nice video treatment by Scubaboy Inc. associate James Ward.


#4 Chelsea Wolfe – “Feral Love”, Directed by Mark Pellington

A video that only Chelsea Wolfe could help create.


#5 Quilt – “Tie up the Tides”, directed by Edward Greenberg & Ian Perlman

Psych-Rock quo vadis? Here’s a nice attempt to bring back some life into this rotten genre. Dive into the hazy psychedelic video world, created by Greenberg & Perlman.


#6 The Notwist – “Kong”, directed by Yu Sato

The press release says, that the video “is based on a true story that involved Marcus Acher and his family being trapped in their home during an Ammer River flood in Weilheim, Germany. During the experience, the young Acher resorted to fantasy, secretly hoping a superhero would save his family as the waters rose around them.”


#7 Gardens & Villa – “Bullet Train“, directed by Tony Katai

The stylers from G&V are back with a VHS-laden video, teasing their upcoming album, Dunes, which came out last week through Secretly Candian.


#8 Allan Kingdom – “binnis”, directed by Adam J. Dunn

Watch Allan Kingdom begin his climb to his throne.


#9 Sixth June – “Drowning”, directed by Laslo Antal

Serbian duo Sixth June (Laszlo Antal and Lidija Andonov) have recently released their five-track 12″ EP Pleasure via Mannequin Records, now unveiling their new video for “Drowning”.


#10 Max Cooper – “Impacts”, by Dmitry Zakharov

New, stunning visuals for the brand new Max Cooper track “Impacts”, directed by Dmitry Zakharov.


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Published February 12, 2014. Words by moritz.schmall.