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Videodrome 149—November 2014’s Best Videos

Yo! Videodrome is back home, with a fresh dose of visuals that will kick your ass. And if that’s not enough, you can meet me for a three-hour nonstop music video odyssey at ACUD in Berlin this evening, Wednesday November 26—check out the Facebook event page here for more information. Until then, have fun with the clips below.

#1 Princess Nokia – “Nokia”

This video is everything. Case in point: it includes cameos from just about everyone in the hype rap universe, such as Junglepussy, Dai Burger, and K Rizz, as well as holographic pop star Hatsune Miku.

#2 Talos – “Bloom” [Directed by Brendan Canty and Conal Thomson]

Ireland’s Talos is on the run and just unveiled some unsettling visuals for the song “Bloom,” which are plucked from his forthcoming debut release, “Tethered Bones”/”Bloom.” The 12″ is out via the Feel Good Lost label in December.

#3 Cakedog – “CakeUp” [Directed by Alima Jennings]

For those of you who for some reason have never seen footwork in action, here’s Cakedog. But seriously, you should have lost yourself in a YouTube k-hole of footwork videos by now…here are a few to get you caught up.

#4 Las Robertas – “Marlene” [Directed by Lourdes Martínez]

This one sounds like Friday night at Death By Audio in Brooklyn circa 2009, but in a good way, because those were the days. However, this band isn’t from New York; it’s from Costa Rica, which means it’s still technically American, and this is its first video ever.

#5 Gala Drop – “You And I” [Directed by Pedro Maia]

Imagine George Clinton joins Sun Ra for a session with Peaking Lights—that’s Gala Drop. Can’t wait for more.

#6 Kendrick Lamar – “i” [Directed by Alexandre Moors and the Little Homies]

After a two-year wait, K.Dot finally dropped another single: “i.” There’s no official name or date attached to his next LP, but judging by the millions of views this has racked up, it looks like demand is high.

#7 Hail Mary Mallon – “Whales” [Directed by Toben Seymour]

The new video from Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic, “Kiln,” is the second single from the duo’s upcoming album, Bestiary. It’s not even the best track on the record, but a) it’s still heavy, and b) we have to respect the subtlety and attention to detail of the puppetry in this clip.

#8 Iceage – “Against the Moon” [Directed by Martin Masai Andersen and Kim Thue]

The Danish punk band Iceage just released a video for “Against the Moon,” which is featured on their latest record, Plowing Into the Field of Love. Dan van Husen, anyone?

#9 Yung Lean – “Volt”

This is definitely the coolest video I’ve seen lately. For those who are stuck in Germany and GEMA-blocked, you can watch a trippy alternate internet version here.

#10 Dizzee Rascal – “Pagans” [Directed by Emile Sornin]

Here, Mortal Kombat meets martial arts as Dizzee Rascal channels his inner kung-fu MC in the video for “Pagans,” one of his most solid singles to date.

#11 Kindness feat. Robyn – “Who Do You Love” [Directed by Daniel Brereton]

Considering the title of Kindness’s collaboration with Robyn, the concept for its corresponding visuals makes sense: director Daniel Brereton shot a series of portraits of their close friends and loved ones.

#12 Beyoncé – ” 7/11 “

The Wikipedia entry for this song makes us chuckle, especially the part where the anonymous author name-drops and quotes a bunch of glib phrases from quick and dirty blog writeups about the video. See here.

Published November 26, 2014. Words by moritz.schmall.