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Videodrome #22 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #22 - This week's best videos New videos with Caribou, Herman Dune, Krusht, Samaritan, Buraka Som Sistema and many more.

#1 Buraka Som Sistema – (We Stay) Up All Night (directed by Pedro Varela)

Seriously if this isn’t the track that gets everybody and their moms into Kuduro I’m not sure what will. BSS’s new record is going to be massive, on the serious.


#2 Samaritan – Early Mornings (dir.?)

Oh god, I like this so much. It’s the video for Norwich-based Samaritan’s latest single ‘Early Mornings’. You can download Samaritan’s whole EP Don’t Try Love from his Bandcamp here.


#3 Mano Le Tough – In my Arms (directed by 92circles)

Nu-disco tech house with a brooding bass keys, shuffling beats, chimes and vocals from the Irish-but-Berlin-based producer Mano Le Tough. Video is for the title track from a 3-song EP out now on Norwegian label Internasjonal.


#4 Szjerdene – Leila’s Tale (directed by Saul Abraham & Josh Feder)

Sick, right? Szjerdene is back with a weird and interesting–autumn jam in the form of this video for ‘Leila’s Tale’. Do not miss.


#5 Lil B – Dont Miss The Gems

Lil B is still promoting some old music that he’s done. Here’s a video for the track ‘Don’t Miss the Gems’ off of his mixtape, Red Flame: Devil’s Music Edition. Why are his beats so dope?


#6 Caribou – Found Out (directed by Artiom Barkun)

Re-edited film by Artiom Barkun, Matt Swan and Pat Smith – made during university times and turned out as a nice (as they say) fan music video for Caribou‘s killa track ‘Found Out’ from his Swim album.


#7 Herman Dune – Be A Doll (directed by Toben Seymour)

Second single taken from their Strange Moosic album which was released yesterday via City Slang. The video finds them hanging with a monster friend in a skate park with appearances from Joey Brezinski, Theotis Beasley and Chris Ray.


#8 Krusht – Orange Days (directed by Ben Tabas)

Stunning collage of footage shot in San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Pittsburgh. ‘Orange Days’ is taken from the awesome new Back To The Forest EP, to be released physically this thursday again via AMDISCS.


#9 Brenmar – Temperature Rising (footage by Caprice87)

Brenmar has a new EP out on October 31st, which goes by the name of Let’s Pretend. The homage/video for his infecteous ‘Temperature Rising’ is a fuzzy 80?s dancing. What more could you ask for?


#10 Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (directed by Alexander Orlando Smith)

Brand new Metronomy video featuring Roxanne Clifford of Veronica Falls. Directed by Alexander Orlando Smith, the video to ‘Everything Goes My Way’ features a lovely meadow. Have a look above.


#11 Moullinex – Sunflare (directed by Luis Calçada & Dinis Costa)

Moullinex is back with another amazing retro influenced dance track. Check out the official ‘Sunflare’ video. The whole new EP will be out via Gomma very soon.

Published October 11, 2011.