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Videodrome #45 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #45 - This week's best videos “Let’s do this thing” is a bad-ass phrase my cool uncle used when I was a kid. He’d hook his thumbs in his jean pockets or maybe his belt and say it in a really serious way, like a movie cop. He had a bald spot that I’ll probably have one day myself. Let’s do this thing.

1. Dunes – Lonely Palm

Directed by Elizabeth Skadden, this comes off their recent Noctiluca LP, which I highly recommend.

2. iamamiwhoami – Good Worker

Another visually beautiful pop stunner; these guys can do no wrong. I want to live in the woods.

3. Dro Carey – Someday

I keep thinking the vocals are going ‘autoTUUne’ and it makes me crack up every time.

4. Tollund Men – Fire

Scuzzy minimal rock from this awesome Denver project. Bleak-and-white.

5. Shlohmo – wen uuu

Night-time Berlin doesn’t usually sound like twinkling post-whatever, but maybe if it did I wouldn’t mind all the random piles of dog crap everywhere. Love you tho, B.

6. CSLSX – Aeromancer (ft. Mountain Man)

Gorgeous new wave ballad set to psychedelic visuals. Lurks in the same universe as ‘Goodbye Horses’, but with less tucking.

7. Hipdiebattery – Bones

Spooky 808s from Bucharest. Teen dreamin’.

8. Madonna – Girl Gone Wild

“When a Madonna video looks like a Lady Gaga video…what are we suppose to whine about now?” – Teen Witch

9. KALEID – The Unicorn (Antoni Maiovvi’s Giallo Disco Remix)

Dang, now I really wanna watch Four of the Apocalypse.

10. Nirvana – Nirvana – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Live 1993 MTV Live & Loud)

Nirvana owns.

Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization tumblr Gucci Goth.

Published March 21, 2012.