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Videodrome #46 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #46 - This week's best videos Shoutout to Pendu’s Ekstatic Vision for hooking us up with a few of these rarities. I saw Salem and Gatekeeper play a show for him in early ’10 and it was sick as hell. Promoters need to understand that these are bands that you can’t just stick on any old stage. They need confined space, darkness, fog, and plenty of bass. That’s part of the package, man. You wouldn’t eat a hamburger without a bun, because then you’d just have meatloaf. And who wants to listen to Meatloaf? Crummy people, I bet. Here’s some videos.

1. Death Grips – The Fever (Aye, Aye)

Fucking destroyers. Death Grips are one of the most killer live shows around.

2. Sewn Leather – Live At Drop Dead Festival

Probably the most bad-ass video you’ll see in this plane of existence or the next. A full hour-long performance by Sewn Leather at last year’s Drop Dead Festival. He breaks his nose around the ten minute mark. Ever wonder what Trve Pvnk looks like? This is the real shit. If you’re in Berlin, be sure to catch him April 14th with Modern Witch at PURGE!

3. Julia Holter – Moni Mon Amie

Laurie Anderson better step back. Ekstasis is one of the best experimental pop albums I’ve heard in….well, forever maybe. I’m immortal, by the way. Fucked up but true. Pay it forward.

4. Nardwuar vs. Grimes

Our favorite pop weirdo Claire Boucher gets interviewed at SXSW and talks about Dandi Wind. ?

5. Pony Time – Lori + Judy

Directed by Actual Pain‘s Emily Denton!

6. Cyst Impaled – HACKTHEPLANET

I was having a long conversation with Darlene from Roseanne (in character, natch) and she made a good point about The Rise of Tumblr Culture & The Post-Physical Reality.

7. Sigur Rós – Ekki múkk

I haven’t listened to these guys in a minute. Still doing their thing, I see. This is super chill and really lovely. Am I the only one who didn’t really like The Life Aquatic, even despite the inclusion of the great ‘Staralfur’ at a key moment? I don’t know. I just miss comedic Bill Murray. That Ghostbusters sequel is guaranteed box office poison without him.

8. Blouse – Ghost Dream

This is a psychedelic masterpiece of rendered neon objects bukkaked all over your shit. You ever feel like a video is just kind of sneaking out of your computer at night and creeping up next to your ear and going ‘take drugs take drugs take drugs’? You probably shouldn’t leave this on in a baby’s room.

9. Valis

Chicago is seriously boning for that weirdo industrial electro. I’m on this one hard. You need to get on these guys too if you aren’t already.

Daniel Jones is a music promoter and creator of the subculture reconceptualization tumblr Gucci Goth.

Published March 28, 2012.