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Videodrome #50 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #50 - This week's best videos New week, new V I D E O D R O M E! Today brings outstanding videos from the likes as Lana Del Rey, Logos, Jazzanova, Of Montreal and many more. Enjoy the ride:

#0 Lana Del Rey – Carmen (self-made)

Again, Lana is dropping an amazing vintage-footage potpourri video – in a class of her own.


#1 Gato Preto – Tschukudu (directed by Lydia Weinstein)

First single from Essen-based Koduro-oufit Gato Preto, which consists of Lee Bass and female vocalist Gata Misteriosa. What a mix.


#2 Joakim – Nothing Gold (directed by Victor Lech)

Tigersushi’s Joakim is back with some sweet downtempo-house, entitled ‘Nothing Gold’ – is there a new album on the way?


#3 Logos – Atlanta 96 (directed by Joss Horne)

This is London’s Logos with his ‘Atlanta 96’ track, taken from the Kowloon EP out since last week on Keysound Recordings.


#4 Postiljonen – Rivers (self-made)

One of the most melodic tracks I have listened after so many days, its like losing into an dream. Really. Dit bara drömmar når by Postiljonen!


#5 Norra Kust – Valley (directed by Mats Wikström)

Here’s the debut single of Norra Kust aka Linus Lahti and Petter Granberg. The swedish-duo is about to release their new album next month via Teg Publishing.


#6 Liars – No.1 Against The Rush (directed by Todd Cole)

Well, it’s the new Liars video – a crazy as always.


#7 THEESatisfaction – QueenS (directed by Dream Hampton)

Listen, groove, repeat. Digging this more and more.


#8 Jazzanova – Believer

Jazzanova is about to play live next Saturday at our EB Festival over in Gdansk, Poland – groove in with this fitting video.


#9 Plastic News – Folding Paper

This was released earlier this month via Chic Marionnette Records and it’s on repeat.


#10 Birthdays – Howolding Girls

Just loving these interplanetary animations and the cool mask projection effect – means: the whole video for the sweet ‘Howolding Girls’ track, out via Fire Talk.


#11 Mo Kolours – Banana Wine (directed by Jim Demuth)

Nice, nice, nice. I am really late on this, but it’s simply bloody good. Track was released through their own label One Handed Records.


#12 Of Montreal – Spiteful Intervention (directed by Jesse Ewles)

The supply chain of psychedelic drugs seems in good shape over in California!


#13 Rey & Kjavik – All Alone (dir.?)

Next month Compost is up for releasing the new Rey & Kjavik album, check this teaser as an delicious appetizer.


#14 Elliphant ft. Adam Kanyama – Tekkno Scene

My latest swedish obsession: Elliphant. And the title, I mean: how cool is this: TEKKNO SCENE. Yes.

Published April 24, 2012.