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Videodrome #51 – This week’s best videos

It’s been a pretty videocentric week. There’s exclusive live footage featuring James Blake from last week’s Electronic Beats Festival in Gdansk, which will be followed in the next few days with live footage from Jazzanova, Squarepusher and Digitalism. Earlier this week we also premiered Christian Löffler‘s vid for his classy track ‘Feelharmonia’, followed by today’s music premiere for Tomas Barfod‘s simple but amazing ‘Broken Glass’. Last but not least, here’s my weekly column. Serving you nothing but the best visuals from the last week. Now have a break, adjust your speakers and enjoy.

#1 Edda Magnason – Jona (directed by Nisse Axman)

Icelandic/Swedish singer Edda Magnason‘s new vid is very Scandinavian sounding. Cool and fitting video projection by Nisse Axman!


#2 XXYYXX – About You (directed by Jeff VASH)

Meet XXYYXX (Marcel Everett), sixteen year old music maker from Orlando, Florida. Again.


#3 Xiu Xiu – Honeysuckle (directed by Amir Shoucri)

Watch band member Angela Seo in some mundane, daily routines, some of it quite unsettling. The track is off Xiu Xiu’s latest album Always, and it’s pretty NSFW.


#4 Prismic Delight – Tides and Other Stuff(directed by Al Geerken)

Prismic Delight is Adrian Buruca, a young producer from LA. Watching this is like, I’ve never done drugs before, but I believe that this might be what it’s like.


#5 Parakeet – Paper, Scissors, Stone (directed by Maria Cecilia)

Off the B-side of their self released ‘Tomorrow’ 7”. Cosmic.


#6 Blood Orange – Champagne Coast (directed by Haley Wollens)

So good. I’m a big, big fan of Blood Orange. His latest ‘Champagne Coast’ video features some funny dancing in computer generated rooms. Explore.


#7 Toy – Motoring (Peaking Lights Remix)

Another great A/V by one of this year’s most promising bands. Their September album release date can’t come fast enough.


#8 Little Boots – Every Night I Say A Prayer (directed by Zaiba Jabbar)

Little Boots is back! The above was created by British director Zaiba Jabbar, who blogged today “Initially inspired by ‘Paris is Burning’, we wanted to draw on the performance element and make a more London, and abstract version.”


#9 M.I.A. – Come Walk With Me (dir.?)

New stuff from M.I.A. which sounds like early ’90s eurotrash – her new album MATANGI will be out this summer maybe?


#10 Grapefruit – Phase Accidents (directe by Charlie Salas Humara)

From the self-titled album on Field Hymns Records.


#11 Lower Dens – Propagation (directed by Sebastian Mlynarski)

Not the type of music I usually listen to, but kinda nice. This one’s off their latest album Nootropics which is available in stores today though Domino.


#12 Caged Animals – This Summer I’ll Make It Up To You (dir.?)
#12 Caged Animals – This Summer I’ll Make It Up To You (dir.?

New visuals from the Brooklyn indie pop group. Yeah, Brooklyn definitely doesn’t have enough of those.


#13 Alice Cohen – Jungle of Vines (directed by Amy Ruhl)

From the 16 Tambourines cassette release Wild Vines and Tenement Shrines, downloadable via Vimeo.

Published May 03, 2012.