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Videodrome #53 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #53 - This week's best videos After last week’s pause, today we bring you another round-up of the best music videos. Lean back, relax and browse through some visual joy with the likes of Woodkid, Citizens!, Lemonade, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and many more.

# 1 Kindness – House (directed by Daniel Brereton)

Here we can see Adam Bainbridge teaching Ramon, a 11 year old boy, how he did the song. Funny, indeed.


#2 Nite Jewel – Memory Man (dir.?)

‘Memory Man’ is the third single from Nite Jewel’s latest album One Second of Love. Watch the video and get an idea of their extraordinary live-perfomance qualities.


#3 MS MR – Hurricane (dir.?)

The New York duo share the video for their first official single, which we can only describe as ‘Tumblr Glitch Pop’. Picture-Power, here we go.


#4 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – American Dream Part II (dir.?

The long-awaited debut from young British producer Orlando Higginbottom comes out June 11. Until then from time to time he’s releasing music videos. Here’s the latest one. Magic.


#5 Lemonade – Neptune (directed by House Plants and Weird Days)

The Brooklyn trio’s new vid features two things: them, and a hot girl taking a shower. NSFW, totally SFM. Next week their new album Diver will drops on True Panther. You should buy it.


#6 Hot Chip – Night & Day (directed by Peter Serafinowicz)

Once again, British comedian Peter Serafinowicz joins forces with the Chips for a video full of choreography, strange cults, Reggie Watts, Lara Stone and much more. Enjoy.


#7 Woodkid – Run Boy Run (directed by Yoann Lemoine)

We’re pretty into Woodkid. After completing music videos for pop beasts Lana Del Rey and Rihanna, Yoann found time to shoot his very own music video, which turns out to be a totally mystical voyage.


#8 Mickey Moonlight – Come On Humans [Sam Tiba Remix] (dir.?)

Mr. Moonlight brings us a music video that looks like made in the pre-Internet age. Merci.


#9 Frank Ocean – Summer Remains (self-directed)

Not a music video, but here you can enjoy some semi-private moments with the real Frank Ocean, direct from his mansion.


#10 Citizens! – Caroline (directed by Jeppe Kolstrup)

Before you can see the Citizens! live during our EB Festival in Cologne, make sure to watch this music video for ‘Caroline’.

Published May 22, 2012.