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Videodrome #6 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #6 - This week's best videos

1. Holy Other – Know Where (footage from "Black Garden" by Dietmar Brehms)

Holy Other‘s ‘Know Where’ seeps out slowly with strangely pitched voices among the ghostly synths. Magic.

2. Frank Ocean – We All Try (directed by High Five Collective)

Another unofficial video featuring Frank Ocean‘s music has surfaced. This time it’s a video from High Five Collective, set to Ocean’s comment on the human condition.

3. Memory Tapes – Yes I Know (directed by Eric Epstein)

More music from Memory Tapes‘s July-released album Player Piano. The unusual body-disappearing, skin-stretching featuring video was directed by Eric Epstein.

4. Panda Bear – Slow Motion (directed by Cheryl Dunn)

We’ve come to expect certain traits from Panda Bear, from the lush vocal harmonies that occupy his music to the psychedelic, hazy video clips that accompany it. Like this one.

5. Anika – I Go To Sleep (directed by Popeye Jawns)

Sitting on her Stones Throw debut, Anika is a female vocalist that has the potential to skyrocket into the spotlight of the indie market. Check it.

6. Charlie Song – B 4 Sure (directed by

This is the Jam of summer ’11.

7. Yip-Yip – Too Much (directed by Yip- Yip)

Music video for the song ‘Too Much’ off of the album Bone Up, and the 1the first track from this Florida duo we’ve heard to feature actual singing. Find more Yip-Yip here.

8. Nightwave – Feel (dir.?)

Nightwave, for the unfamiliar, is the artist formally known as 8Bitch.

9. Ex Cops – The Millionaire (directed by Tim Underwood)

Ex Cops, the side project of HYMNSBrian Harding, is one of the latest haze-soaked Brooklyn bands. Have a smoke and dive into the clip.

10. DJ Adlib – Il Volo (directed by Twit One)

DJ ADLIB is set 2 drop his new LP Beat Power, which follows last year’s amazing Puzzles album.

Published June 10, 2011.