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Videodrome #60 – This week’s best videos

Videodrome #60 - This week's best videos Hard to believe Videodrome is 60 editions old, but it’s true. We’re feeling a bit like sixty ourselves, but a night of pounding shots with the singer of Hercules & Love Affair will do that. Trade you some videos for an aspirin?

#1 UMA – Wild at Heart, self-directed

The Berlin-based group drop a pretty video for a track of their latest EP Drop Your Soul. Good record name, by the way.


#2 Sigur Rós – Ég anda, directed by Ramin Bahrani

Another piece of the Mystery Film Experiment from the Hopelandic group. Beautiful and intriguing.


#3 David Douglas – California Poppy, self-directed

A chopped-up track full of voice samples and dreamy synths.


#4 Crocodiles – Endless Flowers, directed by Pete Dee

This is sort of my dream prom: dry ice, psychedelic fuzz-rock, and it’s over in five minutes or less.


#5 Hot Chip – Look At Where We Are, directed by Danny Perez

Frankensteinadelia? Pretty much everything is uncertain in this video, including whether or not I have aspirin…


#6 The xx – Angels, dir?

The latest peek of the upcoming Coexist. Gentle and beautiful.


#7 Justice – New Lands, directed by CANADA

Big-budget production from the Barcelona-based collective CANADA. Rollerball reinventions and almost 500 extras on the set. Why not.


#8 Massacooramaan – Wijd, directed by Kingdom & Subtrança

The latest Fade To Mind signee gets a video directed by the label head himself. Kingdom owns.


#9 Keyboard Kid – BASEDEXORCISM, directed by Bryan McKay & Shannen Ortale

It is during these troubled times in our world that we should all become our most based.


#10 Professor Possessor – Valley Girl, directed by Jacob Summers & Hayden Hall

People still do ’80s-themed stuff, but occasionally in a good way.

Published July 18, 2012.