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Videodrome #63 – This week’s best videos

Here’s the latest dose of cool new music videos from around the globe. This week with Lunice, Animal Collective, Mala, Ital and many more …

#0 XXYYXX – ABOUT U [REMASTERED], directed by Lucciana Nicolle

Finally XXYYXX gives us ‘About U’ in all its glory; the old style to the footage as well as the girl sits well with the vibe of the song, right?


#1 Lunice – Good Kids, directed by JFK

Montreal’s next up-and-comer Lunice introduces his clothing with this video. If you haven’t heard him via TNGHT, his project with Hud Mo, then you should probably accept how out of the loop you are.


#2 Unicorn Kid – Need U, dir.?

Unicorn Kid goes completely piano house all over this one. Which is always a plus for me. Video pleasure? Checked.


#3 Animal Collective – Today’s Supernatural, directed by Danny Perez

Looks like the video budget is back in town. After releasing some crazy computer-made visual music videos, Danny Perez had some killer props to shoot with.


#4 Afterhours – Salt On The Wound, directed by Victoria Cheong

“This is the Toronto I remember from childhood,” says Victoria Cheong. “The footage is from a show that was on Global late at night before the colour bars kicked in and the signal went to sleep.”


#5 Ital – Culture Clubs, directed by Chris Byler and Sam Adams

New Ital video from last year’s Hive Mind album, out through Planet Mu Records. One of the most influential albums of last year.


#6 Azealia Banks – Van Vogue, dir.?

Not so sure about Azealia anymore, what has happened with XL? At least she knows how to manipulate the internet, which means – today at least – dropping a new video.


#7 Mala – Cuba Electronic, directed by Teddy Fitzhugh

Mala is set to drop his awaited new album Mala In Cuba via Brownswood Recordings in early september. Try this first appetizer from the the acclaimed low end theorist.


#8 ASAP Rocky – Purple Kisses, self-direcetd

The video is dope as usual. A little drug trip anyone? And stay tuned for more A$AP Rocky goodness coming very soon.


#9 Twigs – Ache, directed by Grace Ladoja

Twigs, the moniker of a mysterious female vocalist from the UK, delivers the goods with ‘Ache,’ a sexy, experimental, genre-defying track.


#10 Y.N.RichKids – Hot Cheetos Takis”, directed by 13twentythree Photography

These kids, known as the Y.N.RichKids, are part of a YMCA in Minneapolis. Here they serve a 5min rap about Hot Cheetos & Takis. Thanks internet.

Published August 18, 2012.