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Videodrome #64 – This week’s best videos

(Note: some of the videos in this post are not available in Germany. You’ll figure it out. – Ed.)

With our normal Videodrome host Moritz engaged with more pressing business, it falls to me to deliver your A/V materials for the week. Sweet for you but extra work for this busy buff bro. That’s why I”ll be posting about whatever the video is while I do sick reps and curls and pound my quads, lats, and biceps into hard, deadly diamonds. Will you be my spotter? Be gentle…


1. Xiu Xiu – Born To Suffer

You might remember director Adriana Alba from her previous work with, for example, R. Stevie Moore and Gary War. Now she returns to direct the latest bit of pixellated pleasure from Xiu Xiu. Ughhh my pecs look so cool and sweaty.


2. Bestial Mouths – Live at HOLLOW Fundraiser 

God I love these kids…almost as much as I like curling these irons and adding bulk to my gross weird body. If I’d been at this fundraiser for HOLLOW it would have been a disaster (for them) because everyone would just be touching my arms and begging me to lift them with a shrug and Michelle would feel bad for rejecting me.


3. Gucci Mane (feat. Jim Jones) – Kansas

I’ve been to Kansas and I don’t think it’s anything to make rap songs about. Shame on Gucci Mane.


4. Virgin Blood – Cupidity

Portland-based drone-pop project that will make fans of Grouper and U.S. Girls salivate. If you haven’t checked out (for free, if you want) her new album, I highly suggest you do. *flexes meaningfully + sexily*


5. Beth Jeans Houghton and The Hooves of Destiny – Dodecahedron

Off their upcoming Mute debut. Really nice to look at, and the fact that it’s called ‘Dodecahedron‘ makes me pretty damn happy.


6. Nightmare Fortress – Hang You On The Wall

My fave track of their Sweating Tapes EP Until The Air Runs Out. Goth done right; take it from the gothest jock in the gym #stretched1334tats #athleticboots


7. SpaceGhostPurrp – 4AD Sessions

Purrp’s claustrophobic beats, plenty of fog, and a dimly-lit gray void. Sounds like my room after work, only way less erotic.

8. Diva Dompe – Wanna Get To Know You


LA artists can pretty OD with all the woozy, blurry lo-fi videos, but when it comes to Dompe I usually forgive.


9. Skum Star – Untitled


This new project already made an appearance in yesterday’s Audioccult, but it’s really worth a second look (and listen!). And it’s long.


10. Mykki Blanco – Wavvy


This Brenmar-produced cut makes me want to go to bed! But not to sleep. Exercise your lower muscles with this one.

Published August 21, 2012.