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Videodrome #70 – This week’s best videos

Here’s the 70th edition of your beloved music video column V I D E O D R O M E. Lean back, relax and browse through some visual joy with the likes of Sky Ferreira, Jens Lekman, Azealia Banks, Grizzly Bear and many more.


#1 Choy Lin – Fishing, directed by Fishing

This trippy, cut-out paper video is cheeky and psychedelic, as is this ethereally lovely song.


#2 Sky Ferreira – Any Kind of Pressure (feat. Jamie Lidell)

If you were wondering where America’s soul has gone, it’s in Europe! Sky is amazing as always, and if you want more Jamie head here for a live clip of Mostly Robot playing live last month in Budapest.


#3 Red Axes – 19

Since Bot’ox appeared in the music game some years ago, the Swiss labe I am a cliché label is on my radar. The next aspiring band on their roster is named Red Axes and they just dropped this nice found footage video. Waiting for more.


#4 Jens Lekman – Become Someone Else’s

Swedish indie pop musician Jens Lekman’s new album I Know What Love Isn’t came out recently, and today his video for “Become Someone Else’s” was released. I like it.


#5 Von Haze – Suicide High directed by Donald Andrews

The UK shoegazers have a beautiful new video for a track off their equally beautiful upcoming LP Kar Dee Akk Ake, out on Pendu Sound on Halloween.


#6 Azealia Banks – Luxury, directed by Clarence Fulle

Not sure what this Nicki vs. Azealia beef is all about, but I’m firmly on Team Banks (aka Team Talent).


#7 Grizzly Bear – Yet Again, directed by Emily Kai Bock

Grizzly Bear have returned with another stunning album full of their usual distinctive harmonies and twinkly guitars. Here’s their new video for “Yet Again”, directed by Emily Kai Bock of Grimes-fame.


#8 Sky Ferreira – Everything is Embarrassing, directed by Grant Singer

Sky again, this time with “Everything is Embarrassing”.


#9 Andrea – Another

Here’s ”Another,” the latest track from Andrea. This sexy experimental track samples and distorts vocals from ”My Love” by every girl’s (former) crush Justin Timberlake. The first comment on this video reads “99% porn” so you’ve been warned. The video is obviously (slightly) NSFW.


#10 Solange – Losing You, directed by Melina Matsoukas

Dev Hynes produced post-pop anthem for Solange Knowles, directed by the one and only Melina Matsoukas.


#11 Bat For Lashes – All Your Gold

This video just got me all hot and bothered. Even in black & white, Bat for Lashes will take all your gold. Love Natasha Khan. Long live the Queen.


Published October 02, 2012.