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Videodrome #71 – This week’s best videos

Here’s the latest dose of audiovisual joy with the likes of British/German legends The Orb, with their second video featuring Lee Scratch PerryKreidler with their new video for “Cascade” taken from their recent full-length Den; an unbelievable composed video for the track “Kardashev Type One” by Boards Of Canada collaborator christ.


#1 Perfume Genius – Take Me Home, directed by Patrick Sher

Here’s the video for a good cut off of Perfume Genius’s excellent “Put Your Back N 2 It” that asserts that Mike Hadreas is the coolest motherfunker around.


#2 El Perro del Mar – Walk On By, directed by Frode & Marcus

Sarah Assbring‘s new album, Pale Fire, is just around the corner. Fashion by Anna-Sara Dåvik.


#3 The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

The Weeknd, again. One of the most highly-rated tracks from his Thursday mixtape now has some new, black-and-white video pleasure to go with it.


#4 Egyptian Hip Hop – Yoro Diallo, directed by by Isaac Eastgate

Hip Hop in Egypt is actually synth-pop from the US. Lost in translation, but a pleasure to hear anyway.


#5 KREIDLER – Cascade, footage from Heinz Emigholz

See Claus-Wilhelm Klinker and John Erdman in Die Basis des Make-Up, scenes taken from the Heinz Emigholz-directed 1985 film.


#6 Mandola Jayebe – Cream

Surpringsingly fresh sound and an okay video for Mandola Jayebe‘s “Cream”.


#7 Big Wave – Only You

Very much liked the vibe of that audiovisual tet-a-tet. Power Pop is still standing.


#8 Menomena – Plumage, directed by Trevor McMahan

Menomena is one of these bands which I started to like thanks to their videos. Remember their food fight for “Rotten Hell” or the astonishing video/shortfilm for “Evil Bee”? This is just as good.


#9 christ. – Kardashev Type One, directed by Stefan Larson

Taken from his soundtrack to the film Cathexis, christ.’s ‘Kardashev Type One’ is a typically glitchy electronica that brings to mind Warp in its heyday. The video showcases some of the ground-breaking animation techniques used in Cathexis. Awesome.


#10 The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry – Soulman

Here at EB we really like Thomas Fehlmann. So, of course, we also really like video for his second single, featuring Lee Scratch Perry.

Published October 08, 2012.