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Videodrome 78 – This week’s best videos

Welcome to our latest batch of freshly baked music video goods. This week features the likes of Julio Bashmore, Animal Collective, Fanuelle, Arnaud Rebotini and many more, so you better have a good reason for not reading on.


#1 Tara King th. – Magnetic Bounds, directed by Sebastien Tixier & Arnaud Boyer

To sum up what Tara King th. is all about I’ll give you a quote from their website: “psychedelic pop that conjures up spaghetti western delicatessen, future-gone-retro or acid rock from the early 70s”. Oh, and a little bit of Stereolab, of course.


#2 Julio Bashmore – Husk, directed by Jake Applebee & Spike Morris

Featuring weightlifter Sylvester Osborne and some creepy-ass owls, Julio Bashmore gives us the video for haunting track “Husk”.


#3 Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X – Black Orpheus, directed by Dr. Woo Art

“Black Orpheus” is from the Jesse Boykins III and MeLo-X collaboration album Zulu Guru. Somewhat entertaining.


#3 Animal Collective – Honeycomb, directed by Dawid Krepski

Another video entirely made of GIFs for yet another tune from the AC empire. Best not watch the video while having your lunch—I lost my appetite.


#4 Monokle – Holt Found, directed by Natasha Todd

Hailing from Saint Petersburg, the eclectic Russian producer currently known as Monokle has just dropped some amazing A/V joy.


#5 Fanuelle – Body Romana, dir.?

Mysterious Manhattan-residing singer/songwriter Fanuelle drops the first video off of his newly remastered self-titled debut album of DIY bedroom pop. Addictive.


#6 Arnaud Rebotini – Pagan Dance Move, directed by Adrien Cothier

Here’s the spooky video for Arnaud Rebotini’s “Pagan Dance Move” from the eponymous EP out now on The Hacker & Gesaffelstein’s ZONE Records.


#7 Prince – Rock and Roll Love Affair, dir?



#8 Gracias –Let Myself Go, directed by Taito Kawata

Strange things happening in nocturnal Helsinki. No strings attached.


#9 Afrika Pseudobruitismus – MAMMA MIA, directed by Stanley Sunday

And AMDISCS is asking again: Trip gefällig?


#10 Unicorn Kid – Feel So Real, dir?

Somewhere between horrible and genius, on the part of the scale marked: Unicorn Kid.

Published November 27, 2012. Words by moritz.schmall.