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Videodrome 93 – This week’s best videos

Here’s another instalment of our weekly music video round up VIDEODROME and this week we’ve got fresh new videos from Dominique Young Unique, Fobator, Deptford Goth and many more. Take a peek.


#1 Jolie Wanker – Fake Yourself, self-directed

Jolie Wanker is mah man. I am just about to sign this guy!


#2 Django Django – WOR, directed by Jim Demuth

Django Django’s new video for their great track “WOR”. IF you fancy some adrenaline-pumping scenes watch the video showcasing India’s terrifying “Well of Death” riders.


#3 Junkie XL – Leave Your Ego Behind, dir?

Junkie XL featuring Timothy Leary—haha! And this is just the teaser for Junkie XL’s new album Synthesized


#4 Dominique Young Unique – Party, dir?

Though I’m with Azealia, I’ll share the new music video for Dominique Young Unique’s “Party” track with you. I’m kind like that.

#5 Hiatus feat. Shura – We Can Be Ghosts No, dir?

Nicely animated video for prolific London producer Cyrus Shahrad’s, better known as Hiatus. This is his latest single “We Can Be Ghosts Now”, flavoured with some ethereal vocals from Shura.


#6 Deptford Goth – Feel Real, directed by Aneil Karia and Daniel Woolhouse

Peckham’s Daniel Woolhouse is Deptford Goth and his much awaited debut album Life After Defo was out yesterday. He’s putting the PR legwork in with this video showcasing his fresh take on pop.

#7 Voigt & Voigt – Sozial, dir?

Another video for a track plucked from the Brothers Voigt already classic album Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen, this accompanies for the smooth “Sozial”.


#9 Fobator – Emotion, directed by Mathieu GTI Juric

Ok, so I don’t know much about French producer Fobator, but I like the video and will certainly be checking out his forthcoming Emotion EP.


#10 Araab Muzik – The Prince Is Coming, dir?

Not entirely sure about hip-hop producer/MPC mastermind Araab Muzik but his technique is out of this world.

Published March 19, 2013. Words by moritz.schmall.