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VideoSLKTR – Check out some epic MDSLKTR videos!

VideoSLKTR - Check out some epic MDSLKTR videos! This week’s V I D E O D R O M E has been manipulated by MODESELEKTOR! That means you wont find this week’s best videos, but the best videos from the German duo. We gotta admit that few electronic music outfits have as successfully managed to combine humour, sophistication and sheer block-rocking energy in their music as the Berlin-based Modeselektor. Check their video-oevre below with many awesome visuals by Berlin-based Pfadfinderei – it’s a perfect combination:

#1 Modeselektor – Slices Feature

Our colleagues from Slices spent some time with Modeselektor prior to the Electronic Beats live special in Innsbruck. Tune in for an exclusive look behind the scenes and hear Gernot and Szarzy give us the lowdown on raving whilst being fathers, what to eat on tour and how their tradition of spraying champagne started.


#2 Modeselektor – Black Block

This song is from Modeselektor’s album Happy Birthday! and the video was directed by Christian Feldhusen. It’s kind of Mad Hatter with apes… And WE LOVE the little Van. ‘Black Block’ is such a bumpin song, good for cranking up the soundsystem…


#3 Modeselektor – Art & Cash

This is taken from Modeselektor’s mix CD, Body Language Vol.8 on Get Physical – to promote the mix, long time collaborator Pfadfinderei made this cool video.


#4 Bjork Feat. Antony Hegarty – Dull Flame Of Desire (Modeselektor’s Remix For Girls)

Sure, ‘Dull flame of desire” by Bjork featuring Antony Hegarty is a simple and very pretty song. But, we actually like the gender specified Modeselektor remixes better than the original version of the song.


#5 Modeselektor & Pfadfinderei – My mosquee is my cathedral

This is part of the ‘Labland’ DVD, released in 2005. It features over an hour of exclusive music from Modeselektor – a visual music album pioneering a tight combination of music, film & graphic design in mindboggling ways. Realized of course with a little help of the Pfadfinderei.


#6 Modeselektor – In Loving Memory

Oh yes, probably my favourite Modeselektor twelve all the way back from 2002 and still sounding wonderfully Fresh. And the budget video suits perfectly to the music!


#7 Modeselektor – Construction Desert

‘Construction Desert’ is track #4 from the “Labland” DVD. Visuals made of course by Pfadfinderei inna amazing cutting technique.


#8 Modeselektor – Suckerpin (Live in Prague)

Taken from our Elecronic Beats Festival coverage: Live at Lucerna Music Bar Prague, 07.12.2009 (Song taken from the album Happy Birthday!).


#9 Modeselektor – Hyper Hyper ft. Otto Von Schirach (Live in Miami)

‘Hyper Hyper, the Scooter-aping pisstake featuring Otto von Schirach in which we found out what Scooter would have sounded if they were versed in musicology and had an ear for a good synth. Answer: Surprisingly good.


#10 Moderat – 6 Minuten Terrine
As you might know, Moderat is Modeselektor and Apparat’s collaborative project, which is a dark mixture of glitch, minimal, and techno. Try the 6.Minuten.Terrine for lunch today…. delicious!

Published October 04, 2011.