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Visual Feels: Behind The Scenes with Pictureplane

Sifting through tumblr and beyond to find the best crap for you to look at. Here’s your feels:

In a recent interview I did with the always-inspiring Travis Egedy (AKA Pictureplane) we discussed the upcoming video for his latest single “Hyper Real.” He described it as “really trashy horror, campy B-movie gore stuff,” so I immediately asked for photos to share with you, the hypothetical reader. Everyone’s clothed, unfortunately, but trve P-Planers keep it post-physical anyway. “It’s a mind thing.”

10959614_962112130465661_7789779591316023411_n 10393670_963261723684035_6625155122591464673_n 10685555_962498777093663_5667715296317609473_n IMG_2276 IMG_2264  IMG_2312


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Published March 09, 2015. Words by Daniel Jones.