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Visual Feels: DIS Magazine’s Slavoj Žižek Tech Fit Shirt

Looking for visual treasure? Žižek Marx the spot! If there’s one thing we can always rely on, it’s the entertainment value of skewed reality reconceptualizations that emerge from the sweet buttery loins of DIS Magazine. Their latest mind-altering product is a Slavoj Žižek Tech Fit shirt which you can yank over your pasty sinews before you head to the gym to deadlift Žižek-style (a style that involves blustering incoherently). You could be HD levels of cut, but instead you’re stuck with a capitalist gut, so trade moneyful for meaningful with this old man face wrapped tight around your chest. “Mmm,” your friends will say, “I recognize that guy.”

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Published January 19, 2015. Words by Daniel Jones.