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Visual Feels: The Best Moments of the 2015 Grammys

Sifting through tumblr and beyond to find the best crap for you to look at. Here’s your feels:

It’s time to find out what amazingly good shit Kanye has done at the Grammys while I was sleeping.

Did you see Kanye’s shoes? Have you heard about the new shoes?? There’s just an insane amount of style going on here. There are lots of photos of Kanye’s friends surrendering to their passion for fashion in the form of an expensive shoe named after a rapper. Kanye is running onstage in his wonderful shoes and punching Beck in the face and he’s looking at him. It’s just insane how much punishment this man can take (career-wise, check the Twitter to find out how the industry is fucking over Kanye AGAIN) and deal out. President Sweaty Obama: Wonderful Version smiles at the camera and goes, “Damn.”


Madonna’s Kanye tribute is a fitting one. I’m especially loving the last chorus where a beastly Messiah is reborn somewhere “in the West.” It’s like a play on Shakespeare, but with references to Kanye and the deeds he has done, such as revolutionize the music and fashion industry, blow minds across the world, and marry a bag of roofing cement.


AMAZING! Kanye wows the crowd by orbiting around them and producing life-giving heat and light! His earthly avatar has transformed from handsome man into an enormous stone blasphemy with baby hands orbiting above the audience. The entire building sinks into the earth with a noise like the planet screaming. As the crowd clutches their bleeding ears, sinking deeper towards the molten bowels of this corrupted realm, His voice echoes across the theater as he snaps the Instagram shot and tweets it to Jay-Z:


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Published February 09, 2015. Words by Daniel Jones.