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Visual Feels: Werepop’s Grimes Sticker

Sifting through tumblr and beyond to find the best crap for you to look at. Here’s your feels:

“BRAINBARF!” you shriek as you get a load of the ultra-strong feels emanating from the above photo. Remember Grimes? She’s back, in that Milhouse-pog-joke-from-The Simpsons form, only in this case it’s as a bomb ass sticker. But wait, there’s more! It may look like a sticker, but looks, as they say, can be deceiving. In fact this is a drawing of conceptual Grimes merch done by Werepop. I’m making a Kickstarter later today to raise money to send me to visit the artist so I can say “Please Make This Merch” and shake their hand. You’ll give me the glad hand yourself when this insane Grimes stuff enters our reality and you can put it on your notebook like I did (B&W printer + glue stick, it’s like a crazy ’zine from the 90s). It sits next to the drawing of me as the Goku Anime, which I refer to as Japanimation, because of rebellion. Our stickers are married and also in my backpack. “Stick” around—these feels are rough, rowdy and attached to school supplies!~

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Published July 16, 2014. Words by Daniel Jones.