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Visual Feels: Will Laren’s Comics


Sifting through tumblr and beyond to find the best crap for you to look at. Here’s your feels:

Need a smile? How about a laugh, or even a fucking chuckle? Then you need to cyber-cruise on over to check out the personal webspace of Will Laren. This man is a prof (short for ‘professional’) with the funny pen and paper; just look at the above drawing for proof. Didn’t expect that, huh? Ladies love Cool J, but they don’t love John Travolta wrapping his waist-crushers around a fat roaring engine. I watched the film myself in the back room of a Wendys which was being shown instead of the normal Wendys training video for some reason (comedy?). I learned a lot that day from those old men, and you’ll learn to love gut-busting bellylaughs when you bellyflop on this throbbing hot tip.

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Published August 25, 2014. Words by Daniel Jones.