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Walton is Hyperdub’s new boy

Walton is Hyperdub's new boy Walton is going to be a new name to most people. In fact he is just about to release his first record anywhere and it arrives courtesy of Hyperdub. Seriously, is a better place to get your first break than on Hyperdub?

Hailing from Manchester Walton’s debut E.P called simply ‘Walton E.P’ is made up of four tracks of perfectly programmed future beats that are immersed in house, funky, grime and electro. Fans of Instra:mental and Boddika are going to go wild on this one.

No clips yet, but check out his extensive soundcloud below. SICK.

A1/ Aggy
A2/ Mangled Riddim
B1/ 808 Vibzin
B2/ Skrilla

The Walton E.P will be released in September.

Latest tracks by Walton.

Published August 05, 2011.