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Watch Circus Company get Sliced

Watch Circus Company get Sliced “Why keep on following a strict line”, asks Circus Company co-owner Mathias Duchemin, “when you can do some slalom and put yourself in danger and also surprise your listeners – I think it’s way more interesting.”

For the latest issue of our DVD series, Electronic Beats Slices met up with the French label manager to talk about the history and recent success of Circus Company – the Paris based label that brought us singles and albums by Nôze, MyMy, Homewreckers, Nicolas Jaar, Carsten Klemann and dOP.

Watch the new label feature here on and learn how Mathias aka Sety, Nicolas Sfintescu (half Nôze) and friends tick, how important the artwork is and what their future plans are.

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Published July 25, 2011.