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WhoMadeWho and Tomas Barfod join for a Beach Party Below the Cherry Moon

WhoMadeWho and Tomas Barfod join for a Beach Party Below the Cherry Moon All the pieces start falling into place now: with their new album Brighter coming up in March, Danish WhoMadeWho also share what their individual members have been up to lately musicwise. We already told you about Thomas Høffding‘s recent collaboration with Terranova and Bon Homme‘s solo album and EB festival gig; now Tomas Barfod (pictured to the right) shared the first track off his upcoming new solo album.

The WhoMadeWho drummer’s longplayer Salton Sea will be released on Friends of Friends records in May, preceded by the Broken Glass EP, which is due on March 20th as a 12″ and digital download. The first track – b-side ‘Beach Party’ – was made public by the label just yesterday, expect the a-side ‘Broken Glass’ alongside remixes by Jacob Korn and his label colleague Shlomo with the EP release.

But let’s talk WhoMadeWho again: following up on last year’s mini-album and the first track (and remix) ‘Inside World’ off their upcoming album Brighter (out on Kompakt on March 5th) comes ‘Below the Cherry Moon’, a groovy six minute disco track, available for a free download. Of course we had to think of Prince‘s 1986 movie ‘Under the Cherry Moon’, although we don’t know if their’s a referance intended at all. WhoMadeWho will be touring Europe in Spring 2012, ask them all about it at one of the tour stops.

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Published February 13, 2012.