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XRay Eyeballs, rated 'x'

Published on February 23, 2012 13:40 Berlin Time

XRay Eyeballs, rated 'x' Some days, nothing sates like sleazy, lo-fi garage rock. When we’ve overplayed our Cramps records, we turn to XRay Eyeballs, the New York City group whose members include O.J. San Felipe and Carly Rabalais of Golden Triangle (aka one of our absolute favorite live shows ever.) The ‘balls recently dropped a brand new video for their track ‘x’, off their excellent sophomore release Splendor Squalor. Watch as ‘punk triumphs over tyranny and the Agents of Control in homage to those, human or otherwise, who have given their lives in the struggle’. There’s a few shots which make us want to have a Reno 911 viewing party too; you’ll know what we mean.