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Sound Studies Udk Berlin

You want a degree in sampling?

…  I know right? If you think that sounds cool, check out Sound Studies at UdK Berlin. From Holly Herndon to Teengirl Fantasy or Morton Subotnick and Laurie Spiegel, a lot of electronic music we dig here at EB has its roots in academia. Long gone are the days of “I don’t give a damn about my education” and the punk rock dropouts who where burning down their metaphorical schools.

In 2012, where the technique of sampling is as widespread in our culture as reading and writing, it makes perfect sense to get a theoretical foundation in cutting and looping, the syntax of remix-culture.

At Udk-Berlin you can chose from a wide area of subjects: wether it’s theory and history of auditive culture, audio media design or experimental sound design. For more hands-on commercial experience you can dive into auditive brand communication. Different workshops will be provided to get the necessery tools and skillsets.

Like what you hear? UdK is inviting prospective students to their open day. If you happen to have your bachelor degree in your pocket and are interested in post graduate study, then head over to UdK on Saturday, October 13.

Published October 12, 2012.