Your Favorite DJs’ Favorite Permanent Vacation Tracks

Jennifer Cardini: Black Van, "The Calling" (2010)

“‘The Calling’ is taken from a Black Van EP called Moments Of Excellence. I played it a million times and still do from time to time. Even though I was always more into the B-side I do think the A-side title describes quite well Permanent Vacation’s discography. Ten years of uninterrupted moments of excellence! Happy Birthday, Permanent Vacation!”

Mano Le Tough: Antena, "Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)" (2007)

“This was a big record for me when I was starting out DJing and my first introduction to Permanent Vacation all those many moons ago. Little did I know the important part the label would play in my musical journey. The flip is Todd Terje’s version…what a 12-inch!”

Joakim: Fantastic Man, "Seaside Special" (2016)

“I could have chosen one of the club hits from Permanent Vacation that I played a lot (Red Axes’ ‘Sun Sweet Sun’, the upcoming Argoman’s ‘Chimicalissimo Dub’, Azari & III), but I’m gonna go for a slower ‘early night’ one: Fantastic Man’s ‘Seaside Special’. It sums up the label’s aesthetic for me: it’s rooted in the old-school with a modern production, something deep, super cosmic, almost trance-y in the very right way, dreamy, often Balearic, warm-sounding, and for all those reasons, quite timeless.”

Gerd Janson: Midnight Magic, "Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)" (2010)

“Happy anniversary! Munich’s best and maybe only still-standing disco label is turning ten. Although it’s nearly impossible to pick a darling without killing all the other ones, I would say that the Jacques Renault remix for Midnight Magic’s ‘Beam Me Up’ is not only one of Permanent Vacation’s finest moments, but one of the earth-shaking and firm-to-the-bite disco ones in recent human history. Or should I rather vote for Todd Terje’s ‘Dolle Jolle’ remix, Maurice Fulton’s Kathy Diamond LP or everything Philipp Lauer has ever done on the label?”

Michael Mayer: Findlay Brown, "Losing The Will To Survive (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)" (2007)

“The first two label compilations were on heavy rotation at my home and office—the perfect companions for almost any situation I can think of. It was especially Beyond The Wizard Sleeve’s remix for Findlay Brown that struck a chord with me. When I was touring with Aksel as Supermayer we would play this track in every set, and I’m still not leaving the house without it.”

Will Saul: Sally Shapiro, "Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Remix)" (2009)

“So I actually included this track on the first CD of my Balance mix, which was released in 2009. I’ve played it out a lot over the years as it’s such a good slow ‘chugger.’ Junior Boys are still one of my favorite acts of all time, I would say.”

Tomas Barfod: Antena, "Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)" (2007)

“Permanent Vacation feels like family even though I never released on the label, but I guess it’s WhoMadeWho’s close ties to Munich and the fact that all they put out is very inspiring. I love the diversity of Joakim’s remix of ‘Camino Del Sol’; it’s both disco and techno. The melodic foundation is both deep and epic simultaneously. Quite amazing vibe and an instant hit for me first time I heard it.”

Chloé: Antena, "Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)" (2007)

“The first time I heard of Permanent Vacation was because of the beautiful Joakim remix of Antena in 2006. I had it in my record bag for a long time, and the record is still part of my collection. This particular track was made in 2006, but the production is still outstanding more than ten years after its release. In fact, it reminds me of Pépé Bradock’s productions. After this first encounter I continued following the label until today. Permanent Vacation is permanently good.”