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A Guide to Sweden’s Electronic Music Scene

Two of Sweden's top electronic musicians—Minilogue co-founder Sebastian Mullaert and Kontra-Musik's Ulf Eriksson—give an overview of the country's scene.

In September two of Sweden’s most integral electronic musicians, Ulf Eriksson and Sebastian Mullaert, joined forces on a compilation called The Dance that was inspired by the mixed live and DJ sets they perform together. As the boss of Kontra-Musik, Eriksson has released killer tunes from many local talents, including TM404 (who recently received nods from the organizers of both Unsound and UH festivals), Frak and Porn Sword Tobacco. Mullaert was a member of the duo Minilogue and recently launched a vinyl label called Wa Wu We, which we featured in a premiere a few months ago. Thus, they’re the perfect subjects to give an overview of the electronic music landscape in their home country, which you can find below.