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An Offbeat Guide To Warsaw’s Artistic Oddities

The man behind some of Warsaw's most exciting parties lists 10 artists, musicians, venues, magazines and more that are fertilizing Warsaw's creative scene.

Warsaw is a city of lost souls who disappeared somewhere between superficial development and selfless malice. My experience throwing local parties Brutaż and Światło in comfortable and gloomy spaces has taught me that the most interesting parts of Warsaw’s art scene are silent, like the weird guy looking at you while you’re not watching or that bored girl standing in the corner. I broke the ice and started to approach strangers, and after many years living in the city, I became friends with people whose art doesn’t really fit the Western-optimized view of what “nightlife” and “underground” should stand for. The following is a list of those who pushed me to get involved in what I’m doing now and whose art doesn’t translate to the realm of art business nor the idea of the “underground,” but nevertheless holds great potential to affect moods and minds. These people created without hope for wide acceptance in the first place.