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A Beginner’s Guide To Iconic House Vocalist Colonel Abrams

House music lost an important and influential artist this weekend. Get to know Colonel Abram's body of work with highlights from his career.

It’s a sad week for the house community due to the news of the death of legendary vocalist Colonel Abrams over the Thanksgiving weekend. The 67-year-old Detroit-born soul singer seamlessly transitioned into house-laced dance tracks in the 1980s with hits like “Music Is The Answer” and his 1985 crossover anthem “Trapped”. Colonel Abrams—and yes, that was his real name—fell on hard times in the last years of his life, prompting DJs Tony “Tune” Herbert and Marshall Jefferson to start a crowdfunding campaign in 2015 to help him out of homelessness and ill health. Abrams will be remembered as one of the iconic voices of classic house music, and if you’re new to his work, we suggest you start with the below guide.