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Beyond Unsound: Inside Kraków’s Blooming Techno Underground

A Kraków native gives us insider information on who the local techno heads are, what they do and where they go year-round.

Kraków is an eastern dreamland that’s mostly known abroad for being the site of Unsound Festival and/or where one can throw a cheap stag party. There are some very specific things about the city that even a regular visitor might miss—including me, a Kraków native who moved away at age 12. These days I return to fish out intermingling storylines when I throw Brutaż or Światło parties there, and in the process I’ve found that Kraków is both surprisingly dynamic and surprisingly static. Its stasis is the product of a pretty conservative mindset, while the dynamic element is provided by the constant frustration of people moving in and out. Everything in between those processes takes place in smokey basement bars and, as of recent months, in clubs.